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Guest list for Birthday Child's name , and age:_________________


Party Date and time __________________________________________
Guests (please include only the guests whose Admission Fees are being covered by you). If you require more room, please add a second page. “Joey’s Mom” or “Joey's brother” are acceptable names! Please note: 1) Admission fees for each person attending must either be covered by you (put on the guest list), or must be paid by the attendee themselves (NOT put on the guest list). 2) There is no entrance to the venue unless admission fees have been paid. This applies to parents dropping off or picking up children. Please arrange to meet them at the Entrance Gate or in the Parking Lot if you wish to avoid paying an admission fee. 3 ) You must check back in with Admissions at the end of your party to confirm Attendance. No refunds for your 'paid-for-additional' guests will be given unless total Attendance has been confirmed PRIOR to your leaving.
Total Adult Admission fees I am paying for : Adults are 18 years and over. First names only work well.   Total Child fees I am paying for: (incl Birthday Child) Children are 17 and under. There is no fee for children who are not yet able to walk. First names only work well.
Adult names: Initials at Sign-In   Children's names: Initials at Sign-In
1     1  
2     2  
3     3  
4     4  
5     5  
6     6  
7     7  
8     8  
9     9  
10     10  
11     11  
12     12  
13     13  
14     14  
15     15  
16     16  
17     17  
END OF PARTY CHECK-OUT: We hope your party went well! Please help us by completing the following: о Above attendance is complete and correct о All arrangements/activities were/are satisfactory о Any comments you wish to pass along?
Name of host:_________________________ Date: __________ Time_________ Staff Initials______

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