Snacks Available

Each day every camper needs a power snack....or two power snacks if in 4-6y, 6-8yr,8 - 11 yr or 12 - 14 yr (FIT) program. You can make things easy by signing up for the Farm Snack Program if you are wanting a break from sending snacks from home. Our snacks always include a juice and something yummy, nutritious AND child friendly!
Look for the "Snack Option" on the Summer Day Camp Application form.

Snack Program: Snack Menu Items
Children in the younger age groups (3-4 yr, 4-5ys 1/2 day programs, ) need 1 snack each day.
           1 snack each day: 5 day week $21.99
           1 snack each day: 4 day week $17.99
Children in the older 4-6yr and 6-8 yr age groups need 2 snacks each day (their days are 6 hr from 9:30-3:30).
           2 snacks each day: 5 day week $32.99
           2 snacks each day: 4 day week $29.99

Children in the oldest age groups (8 years and up) have 7 hour days (8:30 - 3:30) and need 2 snacks each day
           2 snacks each day: 5 day week $35.99
           2 snacks each day: 4 day week $31.99

Allergy Alert

We ask that there be absolutely NO peanut butter, nuts, or nut products
in lunches or snacks, please!

THIS LIFE-THREATENING ALLERGY exists in an increasing number of our campers. Please help us keep everybody healthy!

Please read our ALLERGY ALERT SIGNS posted
at Admissions and outside every Day Camp Barn where a child is known to have a serious or life-threatening allergy.

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Some examples of our snack items:

  • yogurt tube and arrowroot cookies
  • mandarin orange
  • banana
  • fruit cup & animal crackers
  • fresh popped popcorn
  • apple slices with cinnamon dust
  • cheese sticks and ritz crackers
  • pudding cup
  • plum, mandarin orange
  • gold fish crackers
  • nectarine slices
  • fruit leather
  • nachos & cheese
  • celery and cheese
  • puffed wheat square
  • watermelon
  • We're always looking for new there something you'd like to see us try?

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