Lunches Available , subject to change from time to time

Children enrolled in the 6 and 7 hour programs (4-6yr old, 6-8yr old, 8-11yr old, or 12-14 yr old (Farmers-in-Training)) need a good energizing lunch each day. You can make things easy by signing up for the Farm Lunch Program if you are wanting a break from sending lunches from home. Look for the "Lunch Option" on the Application form.

Available for children in the older 6 hour program (4-6yr and 6-8 yr age groups): 
          5 day week: $49.99
          4 day week: $40.99

Available for children in the oldest age groups with the 7 hour day ( 8-11 yr, and 12-14 yr Farmers-in-Training)
          5 day week: $51.99
          4 day week: $42.99

Our lunches are individually boxed (kids say it's like opening a present!) and are nutritious, eye-appealing (lots of color) and very child-friendly. We've had many compliments from parents. Here's some of our most successful components...

Watermelon Wedges, Orange Smiles with a Strawberry Fan or Blueberries, Grape Clusters, Mandarins, Apples in Cinnamon Dust, Bananas, Nectarines, Plums. When fruit is served as part of our snack, a different fruit is served at lunch.

Crinkle Carrot Pennies 'n Dip, Tractor Wheels (special cucumber slices) and Grape Tomatoes, Taco chips with Salsa, Carrot Logs and Dip, Mixed Veggies 'n Dip!

Hot Items
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Chicken Fingers (white meat) with ketchup, Mac and Cheese, Pizza Buns, Cheese Quesadillas with mild salsa, Friday is Hot Dog day!

Juice or milk
is part of each lunch...a variety is served throughout the week.

We're always looking for new there something you'd like to see us try?

Allergy Alert

We ask that there be absolutely NO peanut butter, nuts, or nut products
in lunches or snacks, please!

THIS LIFE-THREATENING ALLERGY exists in an increasing number of our campers. Please help us keep everybody healthy!

Please read our ALLERGY ALERT SIGNS posted
at Admissions and outside every Day Camp Barn where a child is known to have a serious or life-threatening allergy.

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