Summer Day Camp Comments I want to find out more Registration form please!

I know its January, but I want to register my children for this summer to make sure they get in. They ask almost every day if I have registered them yet!! What's the soonest I can do this?

My kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your camp!

This camp was great...I wish we'd registered her for the last week of summer - now all other camps will seem worse :)

My child loves the hands-on approach with the animals. A great experience, especially for 'city kids' thanks for all your efforts!

The leaders are great and make it fun. My child gives it full marks. He LOVES his week at camp. I love my walk through your beautiful, bright fun farm every morning for drop off. Morgan and Meredith were with my son both last year and this. They are personable, very polite to parents, and the older kids love them which is quite a feat!

You are great at keeping the kids busy! Really fun and nice leaders!

My kids love their Butterfield camps. Great leaders again this year! The leaders are always cheerful and friendly. My children love coming here, thanks for all your hard work!!

My son is 4 and his first camp was last year...he remembered when summer arrived it was farm camp time and made sure he was going again this year!! Quite an impression!! See ya next year!

The teaching was great, instructors patient and kind. Snacks were healthy and great. Ok...How about free coffee for the parents...just kidding ...pun intended.

My kids love this camp and look forward to it every summer.

Your camps are fantastic!! You excel at everything. Chris and Sarah are SO nice and I was so happy that Steven could spend the week with them - he loves you two!! thanks for making camp so awesome.

The program is exciting, the leaders are nice and friendly. My child is really excited and happy being there.

My kids were extremely happy every day and couldn't wait to come back. Alyssa was a wonderful camp leader. She was great with the kids and they all seemed to love her. When you see great leaders and see how much the kids enjoy camp...makes you want to come back again.

Thanks for creating an amazing day Camp! I have so much fun at BFA!

I was impressed with Farmer Patty. I wasn't sure how my 3 yr old would react, however, she started and ended all of her camp days with a smile!

Kassandra and Hilary were incredible leaders and made camp really special. Brandy talks about you at home every night!

Leaders seem organized and prepared for the day. My son loves it here! Every time!

My son thoroughly enjoys his time here. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful time for my son.

Wonderful camp. Great leaders. My daughter loved Claire and Will. The snack program is fantastic. We will be back next year!!

Leaders are excellent, registration is painless. My kids love it! Great Job!

Your camp leaders are excellent and its a great experience for kids.

Great reputation, great activities! My daughter LOVED camp and thought her leaders were great.

Awesome activities for the kids!

I love all the animals and the lunches. I like it so much it is my 7th year.

My daughter loves it here - wishes it could be a 2 week camp! And she plans to be a leader one day soon! Thank you!

My child loves the hands-on approach with the animals. A great experience, especially for 'city kids' thanks for all your efforts!

Have a great time every year.

Every part of camp was a favorite! They are already talking about next year. What an experience!

Great job as always! This is the one camp my kids ask to return to each year.

As always I cannot say enough wonderful things about our farm experience! Katie was outstanding in her interaction with both parents and children. The crafts were great! and...most of all Brittney had an awesome time. Thanks...

I have had my daughter in various preschool programs for the last 3.5 years. This was by far the best program ever. It was so well organized, great staff, super fun!

I was very impressed with the camp. I didn't expect for it to be this organized. I will recommend it to all my friends and we will be back next year. Thank you for a wonderful week.

This is our first Butterfield Acres camp.... I have never seen my boy quite so involved. He loves animals to begin with but is enjoying telling me of his day and TEACHING ME about the animals. Caroline is the best camp leader I have run across. We will be out next year!!! Thanks again!!!

So excellent, so exciting - the best. Could you have a one month program next year for 5 year olds? My daughter wants more.

All three kids really enjoyed the week at camp. The instructors were all really friendly and obviously enjoy working with cildren. Kids came home each day full of facts about the animals....Hands on approach was great - they learn by doing...the experience the kids came out with makes it worth every penny! They had so much fun. Thank you

My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her first day camp experience. The excitement when dropping her off to the constant talking about what she has done at camp has made us definitely plan to be back next year. Thanks for a great time and we will see you next summer. Exceptional job Lara!! - Haley's mom

Caroline and Katie were wonderful! The organization of the camp was splendid. It's so nice to have it run so beautifully! NOW, we adults all want to go to Day Camp and have wonderful people full of excitement talk to us all morning, and we can do crafts, and feed bunnies, and have stories read to us. HOW ABOUT IT?

What do you DO with the kids!!!  This is the only camp they ASK for!!!  We even tried sending them to the zoo last year...but its nothing like your camp!!   What's the secret?
-Alexander & Tasha's Mom

"Thank you so much for offering such a well organized fun-filled camp for our children. What an incredible place within our own city limits. The camp was very well run offering a variety of events and activities. The focus of animals and nature was a huge bonus. As city folk we do not have a good understanding of country life. How lovely that the children can come and explore and be a part of this natural farm environment. As my husband is in the police business I also admired how well you take the children's safety into account. Your extra efforts put into this week-long camp were tremendous. The arts and crafts were very special..."
- A Mom from the 'Crazy Green Cows' group

"We love it here! We've accessed day camps all over the city and you are the most organized, on the ball, motivated, positive, energetic, dynamic group we've ever been with! Keep up the awesome, terrific job!!"
- Emilea's Mom

"To the Farm Camp Staff: I want to thank you for all the time, energy and patience that you poured into the kids at Farm Camp. My son came home every day with fascinating stories and facts about the "animals of the day"! HE loved the chance to learn and play with his friends on the farm and he's constantly telling stories of his experiences there. I also want to recognize your great ability to "channel" the energy of 5 year old boys towards something constructive... you were great! Thanks!"
- Logan's Dad

Everything was great, especially singing songs on the tractor ride. Compliments, kudos and complete appreciation. My girls were both unbelievably excited by the end of the day of camp. It was wonderful to hear all the camp adventures and experiences. I am especially pleased that Dana finally got over her "outhouse" phobia. I can't thank you enough for that. As there is an allergy sufferer (Dad) in the family, this was a wonderful opportunity for our girls to have some exposure to our animal friends. What a wonderful way to spend a summer week. Many thank yous. PS Dana and Kendall thought Lindsay and Meggie were the best!

"Butterfield Acres was the Best camp I have ever been to! From Zachary ... Thanks so much for Zak's camp, as usual, it was awesome and Zak loved it!"
- Zak's Mom

"For our first camp experience we were extremely pleased. Dylan learned so much and was very enthusiastic. He taught the rest of his family everything he learned each day! Several afternoons my younger son and I enjoyed the farm and I was really impressed with the organization and continued enthusiasm of the camp instructors. Even in 32C hot afternoons they never lost their gentle smiles and encouraging words. Excellent job Butterfield Acres staff- we will definitely be back next year!"
- Dylan's Mom

I want to find out more Registration form please!

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